December 7, 2016 10:01 pm / by Marigona

What a day! It feels so good to have changed from heels, pants, and a silk shirt (all dressed up and I didn’t manage a selfie, eh) to this “mother of a princess” t-shirt and leggings, haha. My eyes feel like they’re about to pop out of my head and I’m so drained in theories and learning new things. BUT it’s fuuuun! I missed this, I missed learning and simply working elsewhere, meeting new people, and just starting a career ♥. It will take some time until these new routines fall into place, so I’m literally giving a 120% into this.

But hoooow I missed Aaleyah………. Aaahhhhh!!!!!!!! I couldn’t wait to see her today and I hope my feelings of guilt will change soon. I’m just happy to know that she’s had a wonderful day with my in-laws and I’m so grateful to have them around. A helping hand like them made this possible, else I don’t see how I could start a full-time job so quickly as we don’t feel ready to put her in kindergarden yet. Anyyyyyhow, I’ve just washed off my makeup, squeezed some pimples – Ymyr says it looks like I had a war with myself, I’m awful – and now it’s time for bed. Hopefully I can squeeze in a few posts here tomorrow :-). Aaand Thank you so much for wishing me Luck babes, I truly felt your vibes ♥.

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