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Hello Friday
How was your day? Are you here? Hehe, just kidding. I know you isss :-).
Last day of this week, woho, and Ymyr and I wrapped it up with some take away tonight. Our favorite thai food from our favorite thai place, yummie. Now I just washed off my makeup and have got ready for bed already. It’s time for AD to get into her pjs, too, and then we’re cuddling down in bed. I have to go to the office a bit tomorrow, and then I’m meeting up my favorites in the city for some serious shopping. Yes, I mean, serious. Ymyr starts his new job in a few days (so excited for him, mashallah) and he definitely needs to widen his business code in his closet. I, on the other hand, am in a need of a coat, and shoes, and just about everything….. ;p. Oh, we’ll see. We’ll be celebrating E on Saturday evening. So, full schedule, really.. But I’m looking forward to it. 
Sunday I’ll spend catching up on everything that I just simply don’t have time for during the week anymore.

This dress, by the way. Definitely a favorite in my closet. Also the very first one in red, actually. I never really wear red, now it’s become some sort of favorite. But nothing ever beats black.

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One thought on “E PREMTE

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello!! Glad you are all well? …. You know that video you posted a while back of you by the ocean and one with you swimming in the water? Can you please let me know the song names!? Thank you!!

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