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we all like to drown into something.  b

Anonymous says:
Can you dedicate a post to documwntaries you would recommend? Please no animal documentaries though.


Hi there! Sure, I’ve listed a few of them below; the last one being about orcas (yes, animals because I believe that one’s very important to watch, whether you have an interest for animals or not). Sometimes, when I don’t know what to go for, I just search for BBC Documentaries on YouTube. Also, I’ve watched a few of them on Netflix, therefore I don’t know if they are available elsewhere to watch or to download.. The ones that say “LINK to trailer” are the ones I watched on Netflix and can’t find on YouTube. 

If you guys can think of any documentaries that are a must watch (I don’t know if any of my readers like documentaries though, but I hope you do) then please share them with me and the other girls in here. Would appreciate it mucho. Meanwhile, check out my list below! Watched any of these?

  • LINK to trailer – An honest Liar (love how Randi exposes psychics)
  • LINK – Albania – the history (such a good one, talking about – indeed – the Albanian history and culture. I enjoyed it very much)
  • LINK – Kim Peek – The real Rain Man (such a sweet and super smart guy, still the guy I’d want to meet. If I remember right, he could read at the age of 2 or 3, and memorized phone books for fun. Frucking epic!)
  • LINK – Stephen Hawking (drive and such inspiration)
  • LINK – The Bermuda Triangle (myth or not? Still can’t believe we’ve flown over that place)
  • LINK – Fed Up (basically how much crap/sugar we eat, and everything around it – including the business world. MUST-WATCH if you haven’t already. It will teach you to think differently about what you eat and to actually question it too)
  • LINK to trailer – The beginning of life (how we have an impact on children, and our future)
  • LINK to trailer – Mathew Shepard was a friend of mine (a guy who was beaten to deah because he was gay. So f’d up)
  • LINK to episode 1 – Making a Murderer (documentary series on Netflix)
  • LINK to trailer– Blackfish (about orcas and how cruel the show world can be.. Also a must-watch)


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