January 30, 2017 7:05 am / by Marigona

Anonymous says:
Show us the result of your hair please !

Voila (below)! I love it but unfortunately I haven’t got the hang of it just yet.. the curls don’t hold that long?… So I need to figure out what to do different…hehe..

So, last night while putting AD to sleep, I said to myself that once our baby is sleeping I HAVE TO check in on the blog and update with some posts here, and answer some questions. Buuuut… guess who fell next to her baby girl at 9pm already….. eh.. Haha. The sleep was needed I’m guessing because Saturday night was too much fun. 

Hopefully i can peek in here later. My bus is leaving in 10 minutes, and I sit here blogging… XO

New heels: Nelly (my bestie got my first pair, which also were a little more pointy in the front)
Dress: ZARA (childrens section to be exact, haha. I did some changes on it)
Coat: Burberry

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2 thoughts on “CURLS AND DRESSES

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dont curl them right after u washed them,as in : wash,let dry and then curl.Try to wash them in the morning and then curl them in the evening (if u need them to be curled for a night out).Thats what works for my hair at least,since it needs some natural oils for the curl to last.Also hairspray but that goes without saying haha

    • Marigona says:

      Thank you very much for your tip :*, I’ll definitely try again! Hopefully it will hold way longer than it did the first time..haha. XO

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