January 22, 2017 11:11 am / by admin

THIS. PIECE. THOUGH. I could not ask for a more beautiful, fully beaded, dress. Ymyr picked it up for me this morning and he found it breathtaking. Now, when a guy – who usually doesn’t give two donuts about dresses – says this looks stunning, I believe him, haha. So happy that the size fit perfectly too – Zoey, at MyBeautyLook, guided me through the measuring and then helped me pick the right size. It’s perfect on, as if I’d tried it on before :-))). Now, come summer!!!! 

We have tons of close weddings to attend this summer – looking forward to all the family and fun so much – so one dress down, yäääy. Got it Here.

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5 thoughts on “C L O S E

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow can you show us more pictures please?

  2. Anonymous says:

    G o r g e o u s! Får man fråga hur mycket du köpte den för? :)

  3. Bjondina says:

    this dress looks fab!!!!

    but dont remind me about the wedding this summer.. we have also so much close weddings not even one day to rest.. i hate it.

    • Marigona says:

      Thank you Bjondina! Haha, oh shit.. I have three! I look forward to all very much :D, but yea.. you can get a little tired at times. Especially with no break in between ;p

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