February 20, 2017 10:46 pm / by Marigona

& THAT’S A WRAP. Phew, I’m so ready to just hit the bed and get a good dose of sleep. Lets hope we’ve got a good night in front of us because lately AD’s been waking up at least 3 times every night – crying – and we think our little munchkin’s teething again.. ? She hasn’t had any major problem when teething before, so lets hope the thing goes as “smooth” as the other times, and that she gets a good dose of sleep too. Luckily she has no alarm clock that wakes her up just yet, but mami does ;p, hehe.

Anyhoooooow… Guess who made some chocolate date balls after dinner tonight? Heheheheeeeeee………. I was not joking when I said we’re slightly obsessed with this dessert. AD got her own mini-ones this time, too, made without coffee (I put some water in her dough instead). Thought I’ll take a few of them with me to work tomorrow, as a snack :-). Pretty perfect after lunch, as I always used to crave candy after food (not so bad anymore, kicking out sugar from my life has made things a lot easier). But these chocolate dates, jeez... Who knew that a snack this good could actually be so healthy, huh? Love.

OK, my alarm clock should ring in exactly 7 hours. What am I even doing here? I stink ape from today’s workout (TRX for abs, 1o minutes rowing, and then focus on thighs and butt again), and need to shower, and get things ready for tomorrow. Way to go Gona. Way. to. go. TTYL

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