Cathedral of the Sea

May 30, 2016 12:00 pm / by Marigona

“The past doesn’t exist. There is nothing to be sorry for. Today is when we start to live. Look… look at the sea. The sea has no past. It is just there. It will never ask us to explain. The stars, the moon are there to light our way, to shine for us. What do they care what might have happened in the past? They are accompanying us, and are happy with that; can you see them shine? The stars are twinkling in the sky; would they do that if the past mattered? Wouldn’t there be a huge storm if God wanted to punish us? We are alone, you and I, with no past, no memories, no guilt, nothing that can stand in the way of… our love.” – Cathedral of the sea

Yesterday, as we stood by the bookshop at the airport, mum found this book and insisted I read it. She visited this particular cathedral when we were in Barcelona two summers ago, and I remember how amazed she was about it. People usually bring the book with them when they go there, and she told me I should do the same. She bought it for me and in return I bought her a book. I can’t remember the title of the one I got her, but it’s about a woman – a wife – who finds a letter that her husband has written her and she’s not supposed to get it until after he’s died. It carries a secret that changes everything. 

Honestly, I haven’t been able to read much since AD was born but this one is, so far, a real page turner and I’m really finding myself time to read it. Jumping in to other worlds and letting my brain paint up what is being described, is among the best things I know.  DSC08163 DSC08164

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  1. Anonymous says:

    vlt meinst du p.s. ich liebe dich ? :O die Handlung ist wie du sie beschrieben hast ..

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