April 18, 2016 11:25 am / by Marigona

seriously, how beautiful?

– Weekend: snuggle sunday while the rain was pouring down – hanging out in the park when the weather was good – lots of love for that munchkin. –

Good morning world! ♥    
AD has kept me up most of the night, and this is the third night in a row that she tosses and turns, and cries in her sleep. Luckily she falls asleep again every time I lay her on my chest, yet 1) I hope I’m not jinxing my only solution by telling you that, and 2) it’s very tiring getting up about ten times a night. Sometimes I just feel like crying myself because I feel so tired and just ask to get some sleep, but then she does something so funny as leaving a big fart and both Ymyr and I start laughing. Like, literally, I CAN’T look at Ymyr when he’s burring his face in the pillow because that makes me laugh even harder, so I have to set my mind on something that’s not as funny, but rather sad, so that I just stop giggling too. So, once she’s sleeping again, it’s time for me to try to sleep again – a sixth time – and I just pray I’ll fall asleep easily and not have thoughts occupy my head.

Today, however, I got to sleep – exclude the 10 times of waking up – until 10 o’clock! YES, because that’s how long AD wanted to sleep, and then she woke up with the biggest smile, like “Mummy, long time no see!” and we cuddled. 

The weather’s super crappy today, baby daddy is working from home, so AD and I have promised to not be too noisy and will keep the “AAAAAHHH!” screaming down. I found myself a very beautiful dress for an engagement party this summer, so that we’re picking up later :)). So exciting that I can finally wear something mermaid shaped since that was out of the question last year. Time for a PW in the grey, hey!

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    Can you post a picture of your new dress?

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