January 3, 2017 8:32 pm / by Marigona

OK, I admit it.. I’ve gone a little over the top with buying shoes the past 3-4 weeks as I think about six new babes have made it to the closet. BUT they’re all shoes that I sorta need… For work, for daily use, for winter, for summer, for.. all kinds of days and events. Heeeeeeeh... The latest pair that made it to my closet are the babes above from MANGO. They sort of remind me of the shoes that oldies wear, yet they were charming enough to make it to my closet as they look good to the business casual look. Oh well. 

ANYHOW. I put my baby girl to sleep a little while ago. Ymyr told me she wouldn’t leave the window this morning as she was too amazed by the snow! 5 minutes later he sent me pictures of my little sister and AD sitting on a sledge out in our garden, playing with the snow. I melted while being stuck at the office :’). The days pass so fast nowadays that I often look at AD and wonder where the heck time went. She’s so grown up now and tries to make talks with us.. Mostly she goes “BAAAM!” or “buga buga buga..budji buga– Bam!” It’s absolutely adorable but I also feel bad the times that she seems completely serious about telling me something, and I just don’t get it.. Like “What are you trying to say Mami’s?” My munchkiiiiiiiiiin. She’s also having a blast with my parents and my mother and father are pretty much fighting over her, haha. I love it. There is nothing warmer than seeing other people loving and carrying for your baby. My loves.
Time for some sister quality time. The other day the two of us watched “A walk to Remember” (must’ve been my fifteenth time) and were sort of sobbing together. It’s so much fun to introduce her to all theses movies and books that she hasn’t read, yet when we watch a movie, she’s still like “Please, if they kiss, just forward it because I don’t want to see it” (age thirteen ya know, haha). My family is flying back to Sweden on Friday… TTYL

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3 thoughts on “ALL THESE SHOES

  1. Linda says:

    Vad heter modellen på dina dr martens skor?

  2. Bjondina says:

    Heey Marigona

    I need some business outfits too but i totally have no idea to match anything in Business style for winterseason…
    Do you have some pictures you can share?

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