March 1, 2017 9:26 pm / by Marigona

OKAY. Officially I am done with winter for this year. How do I know this? Beeecause why else would one be ordering home bikini’s in freezing february, huh?! I couldn’t stay away from this piece and I love how it sits on :-)). I’m a fan of cutout bikini’s and monokinis, and I’ve also got a thing for the high-waist model that’s in now, so a combo of that one felt just right for me. But yes. February. Desperate. Need beach. Need sun. Need vacaaaay (even though I enjoy my jobs a lot right now).

Other than that I’ve been really busy. Oh, wow, what a surprise, huh? There is nothing I wish more than that one day would be longer than 24hours, pheeeew. How amazing would that have been? Imagine one day would be about 36 hours, yeah? We’d have time for all kinds of things! But yeah. Busy is my middle name, really. Hence why the blog suffer sometimes, and because I’ve lost the motivation a bit… but I’m still trying :-). Oh well, time to wash off the makeup and get ready for bed. XO

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4 thoughts on “CUT OUTS

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maaaaarigonaaa its March already ?? but nice bikini ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your blog never suffers???

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