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Anonymous says:
Hi marigona! What have you used during pregnancy to have no stretch marks? Did you gain a lot of kilos? And after giving birth, how many months did you have to wait before you started with sport again? P.s. Your daughter si such a sweetheart.

Hello love! 
Thanks for your comment :-). 

During my pregnancy I used an all natural oil/treatment from Clarins that many recommended to me. Whether one get stretch marks or not lays very much in our genetics, however rubbing in your belly, and body in general, sort of helps the skin to get more “elastic” – which certainly can be good to do when you’re pregnant and grow quite a bit. The 100% all natural oil that I used, is THIS one. 

Yes, I gained a lot of kilos towards the end. The summer before I had Aaleyah was a killer, and I got so so swollen I couldn’t recognize myself! Really, I’d look at my feet and say that they could never go back to normal, haha. Two days before AD came to the world, I’d gained 20kgs. 20! And I thought I’ll be like my mother who gained 13kgs at her first pregnancy, and only 9kg during the second.. haha. 

Towards the end of my pregnancy, my liver stopped functioning like it should (happens in 1 out of 200 women, of course it had to be me..) so we had to induce me twice.. 48 hours of contractions exhausted Aaleyah and me too much (really, it was a nightmare), so to stay safe we had a c-section. I wasn’t allowed to work out for the next 3 months as the body and organs needed to heal again, but I didn’t mind just spending time with our little miracle. I did, however, take powerwalks after a couple of weeks and that helped a lot! :-) That + eating healthier. 

Being pregnant can literally be hell at times, but I just can’t wait to get through it for a permanent piece of heaven again. Love! 

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5 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Anonymous says:

    When do you plan your next pregnancy?:-) Do you see it like after many years or more near?

  2. Anonymous says:

    When was your daughter born? Xo

  3. Marigona says:

    That we’ll see! :-))

  4. Anonymous says:

    At which month did your tummy start to show?

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