January 8, 2017 8:07 pm / by Marigona

..because the nature belongs to no one but the earth,
and I like the thought of that.

SUNDAY. I love that we’re having so much snow in Zürich right now. 

Aaleyah is very sick, and she had to take a vaccine on Friday, which gave her fever – as if her stuffed nose and coughing wasn’t enough already. UGH!I had all these plans of things I wanted to do; work, blog pictures + posts, work on scrapbook, workout, and yada.. eh.. Let me say, I did not get far…hehe. So I had to put all the “must-do’s” and “want-do’s” on the shelf for a bit. I guess there’s really no way I can keep up with all of the things the same way anymore, pheeew. But I’m trying! And that’s never wrong, yeah?

I’m currently on a detox again – after all the xmas and new year’s crap – I had to do my body a favour. Earlier today, before Ymyr and I headed out in the woods for a walk, I had a smoothie made of : almond milk (vanilla taste), banana, frozen berries, and a squeeze of lime. YUUUMMIE.
Time to get some posts going here, then I need to get ready for tomorrow’s work :-)). xo

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