May 18, 2016 11:47 am / by Marigona

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Good morning Wednesday & hello babes! Or should I say good day? ♥ My little angel is finally sleeping again, and she’s been a monster (a very, very cute one though) all morning.. It must be the teething that bothers here because she’s never really been this annoyed, bothered, and just grumpy before and now it’s been going on for days ?.. It doesn’t leave much time over for other stuff and my arms feel dead after carrying her around. BUT now she’s sleeping, so I’m peeking in here quickly before finishing up some work. 

To something completely different. Last night I peeled my skin – noticed some small pimples here and there – with my favourite product from The Bodyshop and seriously folks…. My skin felt like porcelain this morning and my skin tone looked so neutral (it’s usually pretty red on the sides of my nose, chin, and forehead). I used to use this product about a year ago but then stopped buying for some stupid reason, but now it’s back up on my shelf and I’m happy it helped my skin so much (I use it about once a week). This is no commercial thingy, btw. It’s really just a product that I can recommend.

Sorry about the mirrored picture. HERE‘s where you can find it/what it looks like/where to get it.


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