January 22, 2016 9:03 am / by Marigona

Something hit me this morning. Jeez, my birthday is coming up next week. 26. Why do I sweat is if I just finished up a marathon run? Just kidding! I’m not, but phew.. 26. Am I considered old now? Can I still jump around to the live music at an open air concert without having to feel the pressure of having to act all grown up? Am I still allowed to swear? I swear a lot in real, hardly on the blog. Or wait. I lied. I do scratch my head a little bit when I look at that number again. That’s so close to freaking 30! 23 and 24 sounds cooler.

Somehow it’s sort of weird how it’s easy for us to sweat it, or hit crisis when it comes to our age. Like Ymyr, he’s freaking out because he’s “so close to 30”, so every year (for the past 4 years) when it’s getting closer to his bday, I always swing a fist to his arm when he goes “oh, my god.. I’m almost 30. God.” ..”What is wrong with you?! Almost 30, so what?! You’re healthy, happy, have achieved so many things already, and you made another year healthy! What more do you want?!?! HUUUH?!” Haha. I’m serious though. I guess what really makes us sweating it a bit is because birthdays sort of reminds us that time actually passes and that we do get older every day, which makes us realize there are so many things we want to do but haven’t done yet. I think THAT’s why we sort of freak out, but some things just need some planning while other stuff needs the right timing. Meanwhile, I just think it is time to really start ticking off things that we’ve jotted down on our must-do-lists. Ymyr wants to try bungee jumping for instance.. I would never! 
Good morning Friday ♥
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  1. Anonymous says:

    By my terms,you’re really young so no worries haha

  2. Anonymous says:

    Verzasca Staudamm, great for bungee jumping .. Also from the bond movie ?

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