December 30, 2015 10:56 pm / by Marigona

If I used to have a hard time finding the right words to explain my love or feelings towards someone, then I don’t really know what to call the struggle I have now, trying to explain how thankful and blessed I’ve felt to have reached the point in creating a family with the man I can’t see myself stand without. 

So how do I describe 2015? It’s been AD’s year. Reflecting back on the day she was born, my eyes easily fill up with tears again. Half me, half ymyr; the most precious human being there is. My flesh and blood. I’m also thankful for Ymyr who’s always been my rock. I know that I can never repay him for the support he’s given me during our nine years together – and of course I know that I don’t have to. We’ve got each other’s backs, always, yet this year he’s been not only a rock but a lot more than that. To have someone who reminds you of who you are and what you deserve in your darkest times is someone that you should always be greatful for having. So greatful that you should lock them in somewhere and only keep them to yourself. Well, not literally, but sorta. Anything to keep them safe. He’s fed me with so much love and support that if it would actually be food, I’d most likely have made it to the Guiness world records. 
Aaleyah Dea, your first name meaning Greatest gift of God. How beautiful aren’t you my little miracle? The meaning of your name describes you perfectly. The only burning candle next to her father’s in my darkest nights. How do I make you understand what you have done for me? How on earth do I find the right words to tell you how perfect you are and how perfect you make everything else seem? My flesh and blood. How blessed am I to be able to call myself a mother because of you. Your mother. And again, how blessed am I to have someone like your father stand beside me the way he does, and how I’ll always be there for him. 
I don’t ask for much the coming year. Ymyr’s and my daughter’s love, health for us and everyone I care for, and to keep aiming and dreaming. Aiming and shining. But Ymyrs and Aaleyah’s love above all together with my family. That’s my driving force. Come at me 2016, I’m ready for ya.  
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2 thoughts on “25 HOURS

  1. Love says:

    Du menar 2015 ?❤️ Men lätt att glömma bort sig kram och trevlig resa till Sverige ❤️Iskallt här!!!!

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