December 27, 2015 7:55 pm / by Marigona

“You’re the greatest risk I’ve ever taken.
And the greatest reward.” 

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you were to listen to what people said would be the “best” for you? Have you thought of how miserable your life would be then? Imagine living for others; and living to make others happy. Imagine where one would be if he or she took in everything others said. “He’s not good for you.” “It will never work out.” “Do you really think you can do that? Hah!” “Never.” “Don’t do it.” “You’ll regret it.” “That’s dumb.” 

And then you’ll probably sit there in the kitchen an early morning with your hands around a cup of tea that’s got too cold, wondering what if. What if you would have done what was right for you? What if you would put your feelings and goals first? What if your answer would only be “You’ll see” to each and one of the sayings above – some that we’ve all heard at one point. Don’t take in everything you hear when your heart tells you what’s right. Listen. Evaluate. Filter.

Nobody knows what is best for you but you. Nobody knows what your soul is hungry for and what your heart needs. Nobody can ever tell you how to live your life, because nobody but you can feel your heart beat a little harder when happiness comes along. Remember that.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Follow your heart ❤️

  2. Love says:

    Så sant !!!

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