October 4, 2016 9:18 am / by Marigona

The first step of change is to
become aware of your own bullshit.

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be looking at more TRX-videos to get some inspiration – and I found this instructional one above which is 25 minutes long, so I followed this ripped lady’s video at the gym this morning, and it was pretty cool (hence why I’m sharing it with you girls, in case I have someone else who has TRX-ropes available at the gym or even at home)!
What I really liked about this is the fact that it’s about 25 minutes only, but so effective. So: this one + 20 minutes of legs and thighs + 10 minutes of cardio, and I was done for today.. phew!

Tomorrow I’m deeeeefinitely having a restday from the gym, as they’re just as important when you work out. The body needs time to recover. I can already feel how sore my muscles will feel tomorrow and the day after that… heeeehe.

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